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We communicate our expertise with meaningful advice.

Dedicated, transparent, and bespoke services with decade-long expertise and assurance attached. Kewalkrishans will always support your business so that you can fuel your growth.

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Dana Johnson Accountant

About Us.

With over more than a decade experience of handling 1500+ long-term clients, Kewalkrishans serves its clientage across all industries holding a proficient and long experienced team of licensed accountants and tax professionals.

Authorized to represent before the IRS tax authorities and serving both international and national tax compliances and advisory that suits your specific and unique market requirements.

Delivering exceptional services in audit, accounting, tax, consulting, and financial advisory while adjusting our assistance and recommending solutions perfectly crafted for your business.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We help our clients identify best solutions to their business and financial needs.

Committed to supporting clients and aim to empower them with quick and transparent business solutions by navigating their challenges and opportunities.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality services and advisory while being flexible and distinct in our approach.

Our Values.

We focus on critical thinking and believe in creating an environment that is supportive and understanding. Whether it is our employees or our clients we will always go beyond to accomplish goals that fuels growth.

Here, we challenge ourselves every day!

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Meet the Team.

Richard Park Director

Richard Park


Jennifer Venis Office Manager

Jennifer Venis

Office Manager

Adam Neville Partner

Adam Neville


Pamela Hickson Advisory

Pamela Hickson


Steve Beadle Tax & Business

Steve Beadle

Tax & Business

Patricia Worley Litigation Services

Patricia Worley

Litigation Services

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