Crypto and Digital Assets.

Your wise investments in risk scoring industries require a profitable entry, hold, and exit strategy. Kewalkrishans holds fine experience in executing strategies across all investments in advising, compliance, accounting, tax audits, and technical knowledge.

Our expert solutions help you move your business and investments forward.


As part of a restaurant, hotel, food, beverage, and tourism industry, you know that your customer’s experience with your brand has a direct relation to your success. The competitive and sensitive industry demands seasoned professionals equipped to support your challenges and identify your opportunities.

Kewalkrishans serves your hospitality business with industry best practices in accounting, tax services, financial advisory, and consulting facilities with integrated capabilities. From budget and forecast preparation to business expansion advice and specific hospitality consulting for operations and licenses, we have it sorted for you.

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Technology, Media, & Telecommunications.

Technology, media, and telecommunications are the innovative industries of our economy. Dynamic changes, constant development, global competition, and cyber-security risks are some common complexities one needs to be prepared for in this industry. Kewalkrishans prepares your business with tax advisory, compliance, and transaction planning along with innovative digital solutions.

Our knowledge within the industry supports you with capital transactions and identifying incentive programs to help monetize tax credits. While maintaining compliance with all required clauses in licensing and registration agreements.
We acknowledge your vision!


Healthcare industry faces escalating costs with rapidly evolving requirements. The industry holds unexpected opportunities with new technologies that can improve efficiency and client experience.

Kewalkrishans supports healthcare organizations business and strategic planning apart from taxes and accounting. Our professionals help with rate settings and cost reporting while prioritizing improving your billing and collection systems.
We are your trusted advisor!


Real Estate.

Whether you are a real estate developer, owner, investor, or property manager, we recognize your sector fundamentals. Our practiced knowledge in this field advises clients on operational support while reducing costs by offering resources across accounting, tax consulting, tax credits, auditing and cash flow planning.

We serve prominent real estate companies by solving their transactional support, capital sourcing, and cost segregation. Kewalkrishans leverage technology and talent to help you identify opportunity and get the best return on your investments.


The not-for-profit organizations are always evolving for creating a better future. However, their financial stewardship and regulatory burden create a challenging operating environment. Kewalkrishans understand your importance in society and thus prioritizes on offering services that helps your tax-exempt status with transparent advice on governance.

Our reliable experience across diverse not-for-profit sectors has resulted in strong insight forecast and consultancy. Kewalkrishans support your organization with up-to-date accounting standards, tax requirements and specialized audits.

We help you achieve your purpose!



A manufacturer and distributor are required to adapt under high-pressure market environment. Kewalkrishans understand your race to keep up the pace in economy to maintain constant supply chain and productivity.

Specialized to enhance your business finance and operations, Kewalkrishans offers budgeting, accounting, and cash flow strategies with solutions that reduce your costs and minimize business risks. Our team advises and assists you on trades that can be excessive cost-drivers.
We support your business from end to end!

Drop Shipping.

The growing and automated business industry is facilitating sales without holding and managing any inventory. The more the sales the more the need to finance increases.

Kewalkrishans prepares your business with accounting, audit and tax services that can help your drop shipping business navigate the complexities in the sector.
We help your business move forward!



Whether you are selling on amazon, e-bay or shopify, with digital ease and revolutionizing technology, the e-commerce industry is pushing tough competition around the market. The 24/7 accessible business requires constant cash-flow and profits to facilitate regular sales.

Kewalkrishans serves your business with growth strategy that provides accounting guidance along with navigating local and state tax compliance requirements.

We have got you covered!

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