Tax Credits.

Tax credits and incentives can be a major growth driver for your business supporting its innovation and initiatives. Tax credits can help you reduce the amount of tax you owe while supporting your business vision with additional cash flows. Try kewalkrishans to get you qualified, meeting the standard requirements about obtaining tax credits.

Let kewalkrishans frame your finance so that you can focus on your business growth.

Employee Retention Credit.

Business employees matter to your company and so is their well-being. ERC encourages companies to keep their people or employees on their payroll with ERC tax credit, a refundable tax paid to retain a full-time employee. While you concentrate on finding better business opportunities, kewalkrishans can get your business $26000 per employee as employee retention tax credit for retaining the employees during the covid period.

Consult kewalkrishans to identify government programs that were meant to support your business.

  • Computing ERC eligibility
  • Computing Qualified wages as per IRS complex rules
  • Computing ERTC for PEOs and other various industry specific business
  • Computing ERC for Non-profit organizations
  • Preparing Amended payroll tax return claiming ERTC
  • Maximizing the ERTC considering constructive ownership and PPP forgiveness rules

R&D Tax Credit.

Research, Experiments, and Development support the economy and help people live a better life. Your business receives awards in terms of tax credits from the government for investing in or conducting activities related to the design, improvement, and innovation of products, services, processes, and more. Improve your cash flow, reduce effective tax and gain more potential benefits as kewalkrishans understands your finance and taxes.

Consult kewalkrishans to improve efficiency and manage your taxes in a better and more transparent way. As we help you with:

  • Determining Eligibility
  • Permitted Activities Analysis
  • Industry Analysis
  • Claiming Tax credit
  • Tax Credit Advisory

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