Uncover new opportunities that benefit you with a reduction in your tax burden. While there are complex and forever developing tax codes at business and individual levels gain yourself proactive strategies for filing taxes and returns with kewalkrishans.

Consult kewalkrishans to build you a transparent and tax-efficient solution for you to excel in your business.

Individual Taxation.

The government levies taxes on individuals over their national and international incomes. kewalkrishans lets you minimize and manage your tax liabilities considering critical tax factors to plan your taxation and guide you to reduce taxes.

The services we have our expertise includes:

  • Individual Tax Return for US Citizen and residents (Form 1040)
  • Non-resident tax filings (Form 1040NR)
  • State Individual Tax Returns across the United States
  • Claiming Tax credits on Form 1040
  • Reporting domestic and international wages (Form W2)
  • Interest and Dividend Income (Schedule B)
  • Business activities reporting (Schedule C)
  • Depreciation of business and rental assets (Form 4562)
  • Rental Income (Schedule E)
  • Income from S-corp or Partnership (Schedule E)
  • Capital Gains and Sale of home (Schedule D)
  • Sale of Stocks & Crypto assets capital gains (Schedule D, Form 8949)
  • QBI deductions (Form 8995)
  • Home office deduction (Form 8829)
  • Complex Individual tax compliances
  • Dual Citizenship and tax resident compliances
  • Foreign Tax Credits (Form 1116)
  • Foreign earned income exclusion (Form 2553)

Corporate Tax.

Corporate taxation is levied on a company’s taxable income minus its COGS, G&A expenses, selling and marketing, and many other operating costs. The diverse tax treatment is becoming increasingly complex for corporate structures but is proving more beneficial for corporate owners than paying additional individual income tax, especially with a flat tax rate of 21%.

Consult kewalkrishans to get tax-efficient advice and get your business growing.

Our expertise includes:

  • C Corporation Tax Return filings (Form 1120)
  • S Corporation Tax Return filings (Form 1120S)
  • State Corporate Tax Returns across the United States
  • Corporate tax accounting & compliances
  • S Corp election application (Form 2553)
  • C Corp election status (Form 8832)
  • Real Estate Income (Form 8825)
  • Corporate dividends tax treatments
  • Depreciation schedules (Form 4562)
  • Employee benefit tax treatments
  • Employee stock options tax treatment
  • K1 for shareholders
  • Foreign shareholder’s tax reporting and compliances
  • Tax withholding requirements on income attributable to foreign shareholders
  • Complex business tax compliances

Partnership Taxation.

Partnership businesses do not have to pay taxes but their partners do. Entities registered or treated as partnerships list their information about income, credits, and deductions for their owner’s personal tax returns. Taxes are critical so let kewalkrishans calculate the taxes of each partner on their share of the net partnership.

Consult kewalkrishans to find you a tailored plan for your business needs and gains.

Our expertise consists of:

  • Partnership Tax Return filings (Form 1065)
  • State Partnership Tax Returns across the United States
  • Partnership tax accounting & compliances
  • Real Estate Income (Form 8825)
  • Depreciation schedules (Form 4562)
  • Employee benefit tax treatments
  • Employee stock options tax treatment
  • K1 for shareholders
  • Foreign partner’s tax reporting and compliances (Form 8804, Form 8805, Form 8813)
  • Tax withholding requirements on income attributable to foreign partners
  • Complex business tax compliances

Crypto Taxation.

Digital assets like cryptocurrencies can add new challenges to your tax compliances and business accounting with constant evolution of new regulations. Taxes on cryptocurrencies require transparency whether you are purchasing it, cashing it out, mining, or paying for personal purchases with cryptocurrency. Navigate your crypto tax compliance with kewalkrishans and stay rooted with smart accounting practices.

Consult kewalkrishans to keep track of your growing business from digital assets with transparency.

Our expertise includes:

  • Determining crypto gains or losses
  • Crypto tax reporting and compliances
  • Crypto Mining business activities taxability and expense write-offs
  • Sale of cryptocurrencies and reporting
  • Updated with the latest development on Crypto taxation and reporting
  • Tax Treatment of cryptocurrency stolen

International Taxation.

Increasing global footprint has become a major plan of action to enter the evolving economy. The complex tax rulebooks for cross-border business are only distracting your business growth. Supplement your global growth with kewalkrishans as we ensure your international tax strategy with compliance obligations, cross-border mergers, and tax treaty planning so that you can only focus on expanding.

Let kewalkrishans plan your tax strategies so that you can concentrate on ruling worldwide.

  • Expat Taxation, Green Card holders, and US visa holder taxation
  • Non-resident tax compliance and tax return filing (Form 1040NR)
  • Foreign Tax Credits (Form 1116 & Form 1118)
  • Corporate International Tax compliances (Form 5472 & 5471)
  • FINCEN compliances, foreign assets & foreign Bank account reporting (Form 114, Form 8938)
  • Compliances with Remittances to Foreign person (Form W8BEN)
  • IRS 83b election
  • ITIN applications and non-resident tax returns (Form W7)
  • IRS Foreign business tax number (Form SS4)
  • Foreign earned income exclusion (Form 2553)
  • Treaty-based return position disclosure (Form 8833)
  • PFIC foreign corporation having US shareholder (Form 8621)
  • Crypto Assets Gains compliance reporting
  • International Gift reporting (Form 3520)
  • FIRPTA compliances for real estate transactions
  • International tax withholdings compliances

Sales and Use Taxation.

Transactions involving sales of tangible personal property are subject to sales tax. The complexity arises with evolving nexus rules while accounting for the sales tax collected by the seller. Your indirect taxes need pro-active planning and industry expertise to assess the complex sales tax environment.

Consult kewalkrishans for your indirect tax obligations and race your business smoothly

Our expertise hold:

  • Sales & Use tax registration across the United States
  • Data analysis of sales transactions
  • Segregation of sales categories into B2B (reseller) & B2C (consumer)
  • County wise and city wise sales data analysis
  • Filing sales use tax returns across the United States
  • Lease & Rental income sales tax returns
  • Sales Use tax audit support
  • Due diligence for sales tax returns with annual income tax returns
  • Purchase tax and interstate sales reporting and compliances

Non-Profit Taxation.

Non-Profit organizations engage in conducting activities for public and private interest keeping their commercial goals aside. Your Non-Profit status may exempt you from taxes and other benefits but the federal does not automatically grant tax exemptions. In order to be tax-exempt, your organization must request recognition of exemption from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) by submitting exemption application.

Let kewalkrishans be your partner towards your transparent and tax-efficient solutions so that you continue to create a better world.

Our expertise includes:

  • Tax return filing Form 990, Form 990EZ, Form 990N
  • State tax returns filing across the United States
  • Federal and state tax-exempt status (501(c)(3) status)
  • Tax compliances for private foundations
  • IRS Tax audits and tax-exempt status restore
  • Unrelated business income taxation

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